The BCP Group is dedicated to developing new technologies and innovative solutions for applying artificial lift methods. The BCP Group has already installed more than 4,000 well control systems across the South American Oilfield. The BCP Group owns all software, application developments, brands, and patents that belong to the company as a whole.

BCP Group takes pride in bringing quality and innovation to every corner of the world and the oil industry through our utilization of state-of-the-art technology. The following is a list of our main products:


Automated control systems for monitoring wells have emerged as powerful tools for the optimization of artificial lift systems for the production of wells. Using our reservoir of knowledge in Petroleum engineering, we have developed algorithms designed to optimize both the substance and surface conditions for operating well production systems, which allow for maximized well production.


The WOS system is a modular computer controlled environment which brings together the equipment needed to monitor, control, operate, and optimize the individual ESP artificial lift systems, the PCP that allows for being a part of a Production Cluster without extra equipment, and all the power equipment for single well control and power quality.


  • Intelligent controller for subsurface artificial lifting.
  • Installation and supply of Downhole PCP (Progressive Cavity Pumps).
  • Installation and supply of Surface PCP (Progressive Cavity Pumps).
  • Installation and supply of PCP well heads (Pulley and belt & Geared motors).