The Brazilian company, BCPBRA, was established in 2012. BCPBRA has grown into a global solutions provider of Oil & Gas Artificial Lift Technologies. The purpose of BCPBRA is to improve the Transfer of Technology, which is an essential aspect of our development, and to strengthen our Local Partnerships.

The BCPBRA company is determined to be the number one provider of artificial lift technology in Brazil, which is why we have developed "Brazilian Products, Brazilian-made for the Brazilian and World market."

BCPBRA takes advantage of current political situations. BCPBRA is currently working alongside the President of the Brazilian Chamber of Mines and Energy, a native of the town of Pomerode, and with nearby Pomerode companies, such as Netsch Do Brasil, along with the Bosch, BMW, and WEG companies. The goal of this collaboration is to develop a technology network, especially for the oil and gas industry.

Santa Catarina is the best place in Brazil for us to develop our PETROBRAS business model because the local German culture allows us to remain committed to the guidelines of our local and international group. Also, the high quality of raw materials collected in Brazil enables us to create high quality products with low production costs, which is helpful in competing with the U.S.

BCPBRA headquarters:

Rua Doutor Wunderwald, 825 – Bairro Wunderwald – Pomerode – SC – Brasil.

Visit the BCPBRA website.