BCP GROUP has over 13 years of experience in developing new technologies and innovative solutions for applying different artificial lift methods, and we have already installed more than 4,000 well control systems across the South American Oilfield.

One of BCP GROUP's functions is to develop facilities for each company associated with our holding group. These include SLACOL, BCPVEN, BCPBRA, BCPARG, and ESP INTERNATIONAL.

BCP GROUP owns all software, application developments, brands, and patents used by the company, and is in charge of the company's financial guidelines.

The advantage of having a group is that we can bring together the experiences from every country in which we are located in order to develop the best solutions for all customers. We receive feedback about the operation of our solutions from several oil fields across America where we have installed bases, which allows us to improve our "know how." Also, we have a financial core that supports any new companies and developments demanded by the market.

The current political situation in South America has forced us to make important decisions that will ensure a permanent place for us in this market. BCP GROUP has taken initiative to develop products locally at our own facilities in each country. This strategy has provided us with local political support, which allows us to continue obtaining permits for production of new equipment and plants, and to proceed with our import and export processes.

Our South American expansion has allowed us to persevere in markets that have political complications, such as Venezuela. These political complications have made it necessary to find strategies that ensure the return of foreign exchange, but still allow us to be competitive in the less affluent economies of the region.