BCP Group Artificial Lift as the newest company of the BCP Holding, was created in 2015 with location in Houston, Texas. With manufacture and technology facilities, representing the technological & training headquarters for the BCP Group Holding, this facility will attend...


The first company of the BCP Group, BCPVEN, was created in 2001 with an interdisciplinary group of Petroleum, Electrical, Automation and Electronic Engineers, each having over 25 years of experience in developing Artificial Lift Control, Operation...


SLACOL is a company that was developed in 2008 to meet the needs of the Colombian market, and is dedicated to Engineering, Automation, Optimization, Fabrication, Assembly, Installation and Commissioning of Surface and Downhole Equipment for Oil & Gas Artificial Lift Systems.


The Brazilian company was established in 2012. BCPBRA has grown into a global solutions provider of Oil & Gas Artificial Lift Technologies. The purpose of BCPBRA is to improve the Transfer of Technology, which is an essential aspect of our development, and to strengthen our Local Partnerships.

Esp International

ESP International and BCPUS were created in 2005 with the purpose of developing the North American, Caribbean and other International Markets. These groups are also responsible for the Development and Management of the Corporate Policies for each company within the BCP Group.

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1st BCPGroup's IPALS« (Inmersion Program on Artificial Lift Systems) in Bakersfield, California, May 2019 On June 5th and 6th, 2019, the first BCPGroup's IPALS« (Immersion Program on Artificial Lift Systems) was carried out in Bakersfield, California. The training was focused in Rod Driven PCP« for Cold and Thermal applications, Narrow Casing Wells, Insert PCPs and Surface Compact Multiphase Pumps (CMPP« - Compact Multi Phase Pumps Systems). We received attendees from California Resources Co...
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BCPGroup in the SPE Electric Sumergible Pump Symposium in The Woodlands, Texas, May 2019 BCPGroup participated in the SPE Electric Submersible Pump Symposium in The Woodlands, Houston, Texas, in May, 2019. BCPGroup presented its Universal CILA2S« solution, the unique VFD IM/PMM Multi Brand controller already installed in 1.500 ESP systems in America. Besides its Magneto ESP«, BCPGroup made demonstrations on Magneto ESPCP« and Rod Driven PCP«, enriching its portfolio for downh...
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Rockwell Automaton helps BCP de Venezuela with worldwide launch of two innovative intelligent control solutions for oil wells Challenges Optimization of oil production in real time: lack of real-time data, optimization tools, and real-time control Increase in the life expectancy of downhole and surface oil wells Deficiencies in the quality of electrical supply Presence of harmonics (IEEE 519-92) Standardization problems: different technologies, difficulties with equipment integration Solution A flexible platf...
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